Platform Access

In order to gain full access to the Blacksmith AI platform in its Beta version, a user must own one of the extremely limited Forge Key NFTs.
IMPORTANT: Blacksmith Forge Keys do NOT exist yet. Do not interact with anything claiming to be a Forge Key NFT without explicit notice from @Blacksmith0x.
Unless you purchase it on secondary markets, the only way to get a key is by ‘smelting’ (burning) BS tokens — forever removing the tokens from existence.
Forge Keys will be ‘crafted’ (minted) on a first-come first-serve basis, and no more than 50 will ever exist.
Because of the hard cap on Forge Key supply, a significant portion of BS circulating supply will always need to be smelted for 1 key to be crafted. Each time Forge Key supply increases by 1, BS circ. supply decreases by ~1/50.


You must smelt approx. 7,000,000 BS to craft a Forge Key.
With 225,000,000 circ. supply at launch, only 32 Forge Keys will be craftable for the first round of Beta testing.
The remaining 18 keys will become craftable as the remaining 125,000,000 BS tokens enter circulation via rewards/incentives. Holding a Forge Key grants you:
  • Unlimited access to the Blacksmith platform while in Beta.
  • Zero-fee trading
  • Exclusive access to The Forge, a private Telegram group with other holders.
  • First consideration for any future products/offerings/rewards.